Barbecue 2019

On behalf of the residents we had a BBQ on 4th July to thank our Trustees, Volunteers and staff, the fundraiser, Ben Madombwe had a few words to say:
“Each of our Trustees has been extremely supportive of the work that we do, has a vested interest in all that we do on a daily basis, and a passion for our organization. You treat everyone we serve with compassion, respect and kindness and this has inspired all of us to be better. We could not successfully serve and engage in our mission if we did not have the leadership of our Trustees. We would like to thank you for your time, dedication, and commitment.”

“Your hard work and full support of what we do has not gone unnoticed. Despite the fact that you have to work without being compensated you still do your job with the utmost care and treat all those we serve amazingly well and we know this helps the situation greatly as your words, actions and general demeanour helps them keep their dignity and makes them happy, thus making our work a success story, thank you very much.”

“Thank you for maintaining a cheerful spirit despite the stress and frustration that characterizes this job; you are an asset that is wonderfully appreciated. You are patient, wonderful and kind, hence it is no surprise that the residents love you very much, you relate with them perfectly well and improve their confidence and social skills, this message is to say thank you very much and to inform you that you are hard work is duly noted.”