Woodlarks takes one step closer to freedom!

AFTER much anticipation and preparation, Farnham’s vaccine team – led on the day by retired-GP Dr John Rose and district nurse Debbie Stevens – arrived at The Woodlarks Centre in Lodge Hill Road on Monday to deliver Covid vaccines for all residents and staff.

The residents were very excited to be the first in the queue as they have been in lockdown since the first wave in March 2020 – with only a few car trips to break up the monotony of the past year.

But they can now begin to look forward to the weeks ahead when lockdown is relaxed, of once more receiving visitors and going out.

The day was very well organised and Woodlarks’ managers Lynda, Teresa, Jules and Ben all rallied round to ensure the residents’ vaccinations went as smoothly as possible.

Dr Rose and Nurse Stevens put everyone at ease and were able to answer all the questions posed in a way that was light-hearted and succinct.

All 25 residents and and 41 staff were vaccinated by 4pm.

Dr Rose said: “It was a very successful and co-operative day between Woodlarks staff and health professionals, I am delighted to have vaccinated so many eligible residents and staff.

“They will be protected in around two weeks when the vaccine kicks in. It is a good push forward in the battle against Covid.”

Woodlarks also thanked Farnham’s wider vaccine team, led by Downing Street GP Dr Ed Wernick, for their inclusion on the vaccination programme.

Reflecting on the rollout locally, Dr Wernick said: “It has been an amazing undertaking, and we’ve had hugely positive feedback. It’s becoming a well-oiled machine, with clinicians working well with volunteers and reception staff.

“People really want to help, there is a buzz in the air, and we’re getting lots of thank you letters from care homes and patients. It’s hugely rewarding for the nurses and doctors.”

Dr Wernick added GPs are now working with Virgin Care’s district nurses to vaccinate housebound patients across the town area, and are well on-track to meet the Government’s target of vaccinating all over-70s and the clinically vulnerable by February 16.