Easter Weekend

Leading up to and during Easter our activity centre planned and carried out multiple projects with our residents. Many of our residents got to make their own Easter bonnets that they wore around the house and even had a parade with on Easter Sunday. Another festivity they did was making chocolate rice crispy cake with mini eggs on top to look like a nest. The residents got to take turns with mixing and placing the mixture into the cupcake trays. Leading up to Easter the residents have been creating rabbits out of papier-mâché and doing small craft projects that we have been decorating our Easter board with. These small craft projects include colouring and painting flowers, bumblebees or butterflies. The activity centre used many recyclable items such as egg cartons or toilet roll to make their crafts with. On Easter our residents each got their own Easter eggs to eat thanks to our catering team. Also, thank you to our retired activities manager for coming in over the Easter weekend and handing out chocolate eggs they brought to the residents.