Coronation Party

On the 8th of May we held a coronation party at the Woodlarks centre that all family and friends were invited to.

Leading up to the party our activity centre brought decorations to put around woodlarks and prepared activity packs that the residents could do before the party started. We also had a performer come in at 11am while the residents ate their brunch which everyone seemed to enjoy especially songs they could participate in.

The actual coronation party started at 2pm. We had many family and friends come to attend and luckily we were having quite nice weather so some of our guest sat outside on the patio to have a bit of fresh air. Shortly after everyone arrived our second performer of the day came in and played many classic songs that many of our residents sung along and danced to.

After the performer had finished we started to hand out food to the residents and family could go up to the buffet and pick what they would like to eat. We played some quiet music in the background so it people could still chat with one another without having to raise their voices.

Thank you to everyone who came and we hope to do more events like this in the future.