Carnival Day

On the 10th June 2023 we held a carnival themed day at the Woodlarks Centre.

We started the event at 2pm and welcomed the guest into the building letting them know what time lunch will be cooked by and the stools we had prepared down in the activity centre.

Everyone gathered in the dining room and back patio to sit with their families and enjoy the lovely weather as we were very lucky to have a day full of sun. Our catering team sold cold soft drinks for people to enjoy and also provided some Pimm’s which was very popular.

In the activity centre stalls such as lucky dip, badge making and the raffle were very popular among all the age groups.  The centre also had a craft shop we held for fundraising purposes where you could donate any amount to buy an item made by residents/staff.

We had food at 3pm which was cooked by one of our activity staff partners so many thanks to him for all his help. He cooked us some burgers and hot dogs on the BBQ. While everyone ate there was a steel drum performer playing live in the background that people could tap feet along to. The drummer played many familiar songs that many knew the lyrics to or could clap along to.

After everyone finished eating we had 2 of our staff members pick names from the raffle and announce the winners.

Many of the residents and their families told us they enjoyed the event and we hope to do more like this in the future.