Rough Ditch Folk

On the 6th of July we had a small band come in to play some music for our Residents.

The band was made up of 3 people and they all played various instruments. The main 3 statement pieces were the cello, violin and guitar but at some points they got a piccolo out and a ukulele. We got to hear a wide selection of songs from traditional music by Mozart to music they wrote themselves. An especially fun song they played was the cancan which all the residents clapped along to.

The music was very lovely to hear and was quite different to the more pop based act we normally have perform at Woodlarks. Some of our older residents especially enjoyed the music as it was much more soothing to the ears and easier to listen to.

Overall it was a lovely act to have here at woodlarks for all the residents and its always different listen to music live rather than through speakers. Some of our residents asked for them to come again to put on another wonderful performance