Rural Life Centre

On the 13th Of September our activity centre took a group of our residents out for lunch at the Rural life centre.

The Rural life centre is an open air museum located in Farnham that has many historical buildings that contain items that would have been commonly found in them back in the day. A section one of our residents partially liked is the Madges wagon shed in which you will see various artefacts that were used in the growing of hops or another section they enjoyed was seeing different types of old vehicles. A simpler exhibit that was particularly interesting was a wall of different type of shop fronts named after real shops that exited in the past. The residents could look into the shop windows and see different displays of what each shop sold and how much it would have cost.

The residents spent the entire morning going around the rural life centre and learning about different types of historical artefacts that were used by the common people day to day in the past. After exploring all the exhibits it was lunch time. For lunch the residents went to a café that is a part of the rural life centre and ordered from a wide range of options.

Below are some more photos of the rural life centre: