Newhouse Art exhibition: In dreams

Recently one of our activity Co-Ordinators saw a leaflet for an open call submissions of art for the Newhouse in Guilford. The theme of the exhibition was ‘in dreams’.

We brought up the exhibition with our residents and some of them said they would like to participate. They spent a couple of weeks deciding what they would like to submit for the exhibition with a wide range of art forms being completed such as drawing, felting, bead art and clay work.

The exhibition held a private viewing on the 11th of August at 7pm. One of the activity co-ordinators went to the viewing and took photos to show the residents of their artwork being displayed. Also looking at Newhouse’s social media sites they said that the private viewing was a success and that all artwork submitted had been sold.

It was nice to see the residents getting creative and seeing how they interpreted the theme. Our activity co-Ordinator is staying on the lookout for any other art exhibitions that may take place for our residents to participate in.