Jingle Bell Singers

On Saturday, we had the Jingle Bell singers from Rah Rah Theatre come and perform at Woodlarks.

The singers got to know some of the residents before the show so they could make them feel included in the act by talking to them directly throughout the show. It was a fun way for the residents to be more involved as they could participate throughout the performance and speak up more, which the performers could bounce back and forth with while staying in character.

The act was very entertaining, with not only the residents getting involved, but one of our staff members was chosen by the performers to be Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, who, after their initial shyness, eventually danced at the front with the singers.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and it was a very interactive performance, leading to many funny moments. It felt like a one-time show that couldn’t be replicated again.