Visitor’s Pod

At The Woodlarks Centre we have installed a Visitor’s Pod- which is a high-quality partitioned room with excellent insulation for both temperature & sound. Built with ultra-modern modular SIP panels, the rooms provide a safe and comfortable environment for residents to enjoy the company of visitors. The recent pandemic has changed the way family and


The Woodlarks Centre have a Defibrillator situated in the main car park. Defibrillators save lives and having one close by is essential if fast action is to take place in an emergency. 30,000 people suffer from out-of-hospital cardiac arrests every year in the UK and unfortunately only 1 in 10 survive, it is essential that

Fever Detection Cameras

At The Woodlarks Centre we have installed FeverCam self scanning infrared cameras which deliver real-time, medically accurate temperature readings upon entering our building. It helps with track and trace!

New Vehicle

Hooray!! !Our new vehicle has arrived. Our fundraising campaign for a new vehicle to replace our ailing Kangoo has been successful.All the residents,staff and the Trustees extend their appreciation to everyone that has made this possible.We are now proud owners of the VW Caddy. The Woodlarks could not do what they do without the kind

Staying in touch with friends and family!

With growing reports of Covid_19 deaths and cases in care home, there is growing concern from the friends and familiesĀ of our residents. To assure them that all is well at the centre, our residents communicate with their loved ones on a daily basis using Skype and other communicating tools. In the picture, our resident is

Keep Safe

“Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care and support for people with a range of disabilities, in a warm and stimulating environment”. To promote safety and social distancing our residents are currently enjoying full room service. Our staff have become very vigilant in the use of PPE.

Social Distancing Bingo

Residents enjoying a game of Bingo. Whilst the Covid 19 lockdown persists all staff are mindful of their PPE and the residents are getting into the routine of social distancing.

Yvonne goes Gold

Yvonne Spencer who attends the Woodlarks Centre in Farnham enjoys Sailabilty at Frensham Pond Sailing Club on Thursdays and Saturdays. Yvonne had more to celebrate, she passed her Gold award and received her certificate and badge on 19th October 2019. It has always been her wish to learn to sail independently. Her gold award is

Happy New Vehicle

We have finally reached our target on our Fundraising campaign for a preowned wheelchair accessible vehicle. We managed to raise the much needed funds through our 70th Anniversary fete held in June this year and various donations.All the residents, staff and the Trustees extend their appreciation to everyone that has made this possible. The Woodlarks