Day Centre

Starting our Totem Pole project.

Today we have officially started our newest project  making a totem pole out of clay. We decided on doing a Woodland theme having various different animals like badgers, squirrels and birds with trees and fruits around them. The activity took up the entire day and we had a ceramicist named Katie Netley come in to

Beginning of May activities

In the first few weeks of May we have been lucky to have lovely weather with days full of sunshine and warm weather. We have been trying to more activities outside such as gardening and nature walks around the campsite next door. During this time residents have also been participating in doing some baking. They

Wisley Gardens

Today we took a small group of our residents out to Wisley gardens. We asked amongst the residents who would like to go and one of our volunteer drivers were available so that we could take one of our bigger buses. The flowers were starting to bloom and we got a full day of sunshine

Cinema Days out

This year in February a new cinema opened in Farnham that we have been taking our residents to throughout the months of February and March. We went to see films such as Wonka and Bob Marley in groups of 3-4 which the residents really loved as it was the first time doing this sort of

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Woodlarks. Today was a day filled with all things hearts from making cards, colouring in pictures and cooking food, the residents celebrated valentines in many different ways. We listened to classic love songs that everyone knew, which made the atmosphere wonderful, and each resident got their own

Jingle Bell Singers

On Saturday, we had the Jingle Bell singers from Rah Rah Theatre come and perform at Woodlarks. The singers got to know some of the residents before the show so they could make them feel included in the act by talking to them directly throughout the show. It was a fun way for the residents

Christmas Choir

On the 13th of December, we had a choir come in and perform a wide range of Christmas songs. They all encouraged the residents to join in, and it was perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit, as they came later in the evening after the residents had all had dinner; the atmosphere was very

Clay Work

On the 22nd of November, we had a resident’s family member, a professional ceramicist, come in to help the residents create bird births out of clay. The session lasted all morning, and she will come back in a couple of weeks time to glaze them with the residents. We hope that they turn out great


On the 4th of November we had an Elvis impersonator perform at the Woodlarks centre. Many of our residents favourite eras of music have Elvis Priestley songs in them and on the Saturday the majority of our residents came to the dining room to watch. The Impersonator performed a wide range of Elvis songs from

Halloween party

On the 28th of October we held a Halloween disco in our day centre. Leading up to Halloween our day centre decorated the activities room with various cobwebs, balloons and brought in skeleton singers from home which many of the residents enjoyed watching sing. The night before the disco the day centre team made sure